There Will Be Blood…


I had a fantastic start of my trip by having breakfast in Amsterdam with Great Divide riders! I met Patti in New Mexico in 2011 and few days later I slept at Patti and Gary’s place in Del Norte, Colorado. They’re biking a whole year with no planning: rolling with the moment. Very cool! And then it begun: Amsterdam to Istanbul. After the first 100k’s, the only thing I thought of was ‘What the hell have I gotten myself into?!’ A quote recently encountered on the big net, but so true. The rest, I’ll tell you later.

On day two, I picked up my dad and we made it through the barren country of Twente, all the way to Germany. At Munster, we joined the Europa-Radweg R1, a route from the Netherlands via Berlin to St. Petersburg, Russia. Bikeline has a decent collection of routes, including this R1, and it’s nicely written down in a practical booklet. Four days had passed by smoothly through the land of corn, grains, and lovely cherries when it happened on the fifth day. A downhill gravel road through a beautiful forest along the Harz National Park. Patches of sunshine everywhere and one small tiny shallow pothole. I said ‘watch out!’, but too late of course. Losing control was easy. Even more easy was the fate of gravity. My dad hit the gravel with his left side and kissed the rocks in the shoulder of the road with his helmet. The helmet cracked, the head and rocks are still ok. Finally some true adventure… O yeah, he’s fine of course now!

See you in Berlin, M


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