Berlin and Root Canals


What can possibly be said about Berlin? Wow, what a city, what an atmosphere?! Not hiding from history and also not hiding its desire to live today at this very moment. We were shown around by a friend, a Dutch expat and his German girlfriend. We had a great time with this fantastic couple in this marvelous city in its own.

Then no blood this time, but just pure pain. When a man has pain, life is getting really serious! My dad went home, and just one night later and in the direction of the Polish border, I woke up during the night with thunder bolt pain in my jaw… Terrible! I couldn’t sleep anymore. I pressed my hands against my cheeks, begged someone to stop the pain and give me back the joy of sleeping my dreams. Finally, I drugged myself and before I knew it, I was lying horizontally in between two relaxed German women having a great time giving me enduring pain by cleaning, treating and filling three of my dear root canals of my last molar in my left upper jaw. Throughout a small hour my jaw was dislocated and I got dozens of German instruments going in and out of my body. All roots are now filled with DDR-medicines and cement. And we all know what that means! I’ll go very fast on my bike ‘Zedd’ after this treatment. Still half anesthetized, I did a DDR-massage just afterwards so as to replace body parts to their original position. Ice cream did the rest. Now, I’m back on track, but these roots stopped me for a good two days extra in Germany. Men and pain, what an unfair evolutionary combination… No more throes for this trip, please!


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