Gastro-intestinal Rinsing in the Ukrainian Carpathians


Entering the Ukraine by bike was an experience by itself. Around lunch time on my last day in Poland, it started to downpour seriously. After two weeks of blazing sunshine, the earth needed water and it all came at once. Fully soaked, I decided to cross the border at the end of the day, so I could have my first night in the Ukraine. Great! Halfway the heavy ascend to the border, the rain stopped, and I was very happy and relieved I had made it so far! The first thing that the very important uniformed border patrol shouted at me was ‘Bikes are not allowed to cross!!’ I replied ‘Are you serious?’ The guy was dead serious of course. No question about it. I could only laugh! Luckily there was a huge queue of cars and the third car in the row was a Polish delivery car going for cheap gas to the Ukraine. The very nice Polish woman was helpful and happy to take my bike and me crossing this border. While we slowly moved towards the border, she explained that she had her own company, named SM Art, which shocked me at first…but it was a very happy trip to the other side…

I have to take back my words about the potholes in Poland. They are absolutely nothing compared to the ones in the Ukraine. Bigger, deeper, and much more nasty! It seemed to me like as if a huge meteor shower came down here. The potholes are so big that you can bath in them when it rains. I heard the story that after heavy downpours, you can actually dive in one of them and emerge from another. The huge difficulty is to know which two…

Cycling back and forth through the Carpathian Mountains was a wonderful trip. If it was not only for the scenery, then it was for rinsing my inner body. Just before going to dreams on my longest day of cycling in the Ukraine, I drank a huge amount of water and drink yogurts. I fell nicely asleep, but shortly after I woke up with pain in my stomach. Wow! Cool surprise! Quickly, I made a new friend. I embraced her in the bathroom and we got so close. Every single drop of fluid in my poor stomach had to go out via my head! And that’s not the right way! Soon afterwards, the rest came out via the other side of my already weakened body. Vomiting and having diarrhea, what do you want more in the Carpathians?! Fully rinsed from the inside, I woke up a new person, but a very weak new person!

Happy holidays


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