Kissing The Black Sea


After Moldava, it was time for a flat country with Romanians. Following the River Prut all the way downstream to Romania, I met a Polish guy on a bike, fully packed like me. Strangely enough, he was the only long distance biker I met between Amsterdam, Netherlands and The Black Sea. Anyway, the closer I got to the Danube Delta in Romania the more exotic birds I saw. Every 10 km I saw a new species. Great! I crossed the border east of Galati and entered the city via a desolate classification yard where I was expected. I heard a dog barking. At first nothing special, but I found out that this was the start of a cyclist hunt by a crazy pack of dogs. And I was the bait… Scary moments of a warm welcome of half a dozen of Romanian dogs! I was feeling much better after a really good coffee in the center of Galati with people, not dogs!

The Romanians have great ice-coffees in cans at gas stations! The Italian influence on Romania can be found not only in a drink, but also in the quality of ice-cream. I don’t know if there has ever been an Italian influence, but I fancy that story myself. As the traffic wasn’t bike friendly, I stopped from time to time at a gas station to refill with these great cold coffees in cans. With caffeine and tailwind I made it pretty easy to Constanta. And before you know it, after 3500 k’s on my bike, it was there. The Black Sea! Since I was a small boy, I knew its existence. Never realizing you can actually smell and taste it in real! The Black Sea! Weird feeling to be there! Can’t describe it much better.

Something had happened in my spirit. I hadn’t realized it till entering Bulgaria. I slept in Mangalia close to the border with Bulgaria and the next day I started late as I didn’t feel like continuing to Istanbul. I checked the internet for alternative travels. It turned out that, apart from lack of time, I was done with it! My body was exhausted. I cycled k’s in days, and I was just really done with it. So, I kept going back and forth between Mangalia and the Bulgarian border. Not able to decide. I made it to Varna in Bulgaria, but it was my last day on the bike. I was fed up! My body and mind were empty. It was time to relax. It was time for my book. It was time to spend time doing absolutely nothing…

Each early morning in Varna, I cycled to my favorite terrace, be sure the couch was mine, and stayed there with my book till three days later a bus took me to Istanbul. It seemed a very interesting world in Turkey, but it’s for another travel. Thank you all so much for the interaction. I really enjoyed it! See you soon…


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