Finding the Perfect Line


Yes! So happy! Today, I take off. On the road again! Sea to summit! Me and my bike ‘Zedd’! I leave the comforts of my life routine behind me and live again from the saddle for about ten days all the way to the slopes of that big ‘White Mountain’. This Mont Blanc is the highest pinnacle in the European Alps and just lying there to be explored. I’ll cycle from my hometown in the Netherlands to Chamonix in the French Alps. I’ll use the (green) route number 7 of the Dutch organization ‘Europafietsers’, meaning cycling through Maastricht (the Netherlands), Ardennes (Belgium), Luxembourg, Lorraine (France), Vosges, and the Jura and then left to Geneva. From there, I’ll reach Chamonix either via the southern shores of Lake Geneva, or via the valley of the river Arve. Anyhow, it’s a long way cycling with the sun on my face! Very enjoyable! I’ll use my tent as a shelter and recovery home whilst cycling, and then I take a well-deserved rest in Chamonix and prepare myself for the ascend of Gran Paradiso in Italy prior to the Mont Blanc. I join a group of seven untamed climbers led by Mountain Network. I’ll keep you posted during the trip!

But first, I have to find that perfect rhythm again of the routine of a cycling holiday: get up early and leave my warm and cosy Cumulus, prepare breakfast when the world is silent and damp, put the tent down, pack my stuff, mount my Thorn, cycle through the countryside, and meet all what’s out there! Then, after tons of water and food in different weathers, find a place to set up camp, cook, shower and wait till it all starts again… Jolly as a sandboy!



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