Vancouver Island is probably the most famous island of British Columbia, Canada. This beautiful outdoor environment is separated from the mainland by the Strait of Georgia containing many islands and it’s well known for its marine wildlife reservoir. Before leaving our base in Ganges on the island called Salt Spring Island, we took a kayak course at the Kayak Escapades to know exactly what to do to stay alive if unintentionally the kayak would capsize in the cold waters. It was a great experience to meet otters and seals on the way to Prevost Island. We loved the wildlife and the way of observing it: floating on the ocean at the same level of most of the marine species. The only difference was that they are used to the surroundings and we are definitely not! However, the most impressive was the strength of the ocean and the effect of the tides and streams on our little plastic vessels. Although the weather was perfect, we could feel this power pulling our kayaks in the direction not we were heading to. Sometimes our whole left body side was working like crazy to compensate the drifting. But then, few minutes later it would switch to the other side. We ended up pretty dead at a nice bay, northwest of the island. Our arms and shoulders felt like limp noodles. Terrible! Putting up our Hilleberg and cooking decent food felt so great when experiencing something new to us like kayaking in the outdoors. We did our first sea kayak trip!! Happy and physically dead! The next day was the reverse trip back to Ganges. What an unforgettable experience!